Friday, March 15, 2013

Clovers, Rainbows and Pots of Gold

St Patrick's Day is coming!  Green, leprechauns, clovers, rainbows, Guinness (ok, well, that's for Mommi)... all sorts of fun ideas for crafts!  Over the last week or so, we've made a couple of crafts, attempted some clover cookies and put together a leprechaun hat.  Below are some of our adventures.

Rainbows of "colored cheerios," AKA Fruit Loops:  Zayit has never had Fruit Loops before and I was hoping that I might be able to get away with this craft without him discovering the wonderful world of sugared cereal.  Wishful thinking!  He now asks for colored cheerios to eat.  Oh well.  We had fun making our rainbows.  We did this one together while Ziva was napping.  It was a great bonding time for us - just the two of us sitting at the table, talking while creating our rainbows of colored cheerios and marshmallow clouds.  I think he did a pretty good job!

Our rainbow of goodies

Zayit's Rainbow - Extra Special!

Gluing on the first colored cheerio

Binoculars Mommi!

Shamrock Hand Prints:  Now, I can't take full credit for this one - Zayit did this at school, but it was so cute, I had to share.  

Clover Pretzel Cookies: We attempted this one immediately following the rainbows above.  Not a smart move on my part.  I think his attention span was long over.  Needless to say, they didn't come out quite like I thought they would, but I couldn't really focus on what we were doing either.  It was a contest to see how much melted candy the little dude could get in his mouth without me looking!  The idea is great and has a lot of potential, but I wasn't as prepared as I should have been.  If you try this, get all your pretzel shapes together BEFORE sitting down with your toddler!  Would have saved us all a lot of headache.  

These are mini pretzels, 3 to make the leaves and a broken one for the stem, "painted" with green melting candy.  It was a super fast and easy activity, but they would have looked better if the candy had been smoothed out before hardening again.  They taste yummy!  

Egg Carton Clovers: This one was fun!  I used an old egg carton and we made clovers.  Today was extra special because Aunti Shira was over to play.  She LOVES crafts.

Painting the clovers green

Adding some glitter glue and sequins

More glitter glue and sequins

The finished product!

We've also been reading There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover and we've been using printables from 3Dinasours to go along with the book.  If you haven't visited her site, it's worth checking out.  We often use her printables at the lunch table.  Zayit loves the matching and counting ones.

And Ziva's thoughts this week: