Thursday, June 28, 2012

Letter of the Week - B

Oliver has mastered the alphabet, along with letter recognition and letter sounds.  In an effort to continue his language learning, I've decided to do a "letter of the week" series with him.  Last week, letter "A", went well.  We had all sorts of printables, coloring pages, activites, etc.  This week is off to a slower start (hit a bump in the road when the printer ran out of ink!), but we are still having fun!  

 Oliver enjoys coloring with Do-A-Dot markers, so I found some great printables for the upper and lower case alphabet here.
 As he changed colors, he read the colors, sounded out the first letter and then twisted off the cap.  He is getting better at twisting and turning things and gets a kick out of the fact he can open and close things without help.  It's the little things that make his day!
 We also use Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards to "build" each letter.  You can see the "B" card on the table next to his coloring sheet.  If you have never used Wikki Stix... they are awesome!  (This is one of those things I think I like more than he does.)  I also put the card into a sheet protector and he can use dry erase markers to practice writing.
Other activities to focus on the letter "B" include finding things around the house that start with "B," building "B's" with Play-Doh, tracing letters on our chalkboard and focusing on anything "B" related throughout our day.  It's kinda fun trying to come up with all sorts of words that start with a particular letter.  Try it... at first it's hard, but you will find it gets easier as you go.

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