Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zayit in the Kitchen

I have come to terms with the fact that Zayit is a terrible eater.  He isn't picky... he just doesn't eat certain food groups, such as meat or protein.  He is great at gobbling up veggies and fruits, but try and get some sort of protein in him, and I'm out of luck.  The only protein that he will consistently eat, and it's not a great source, is dairy - yogurt, cheese, etc.  I don't usually complain much because he would rather have a red pepper than an oreo... in fact, he will take a bite of an oreo and then hand the rest to me!  His meals are usually a collection of different raw veggies, fruits and yogurt.  The only "main" dishes that he will force dow (and I hate to admit to this) are mac & cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets and grilled cheese.  So frustrating.  

Lately I've been having fun with food presentation, and it seems to be helping.  We use skewers, picks and different containers to make food fun.  He has been more willing to try new things, although still sticking to his basics: fruit and veggies.  He actually touched a piece of chicken to his tongue a couple weeks ago - talk about exciting!!!  I've also started including Zayit in the cooking process.  He seems to love this.  He has tried all sorts of things that he has helped prepare.  It gives me hope  :)

This week, we made some homemade pizza.  I was able to snag a few pictures of him enjoying the process.  We had a lot of fun and he ate it!  I felt a little better knowing what was in the pizza he was eating instead of the typical pizza he consumes.  I will definitely be doing this again... maybe even attempt to include some veggies on his pie next time!

Adding the cheese

Waiting patiently
Waiting not-so-patiently
Enjoying an applesauce pouch while waiting
He was so excited to eat his "by himself" pizza.  He stood in front of the oven for the entire 11 minutes that it took to cook!  

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