Friday, December 7, 2012

Felt Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming!  That's what Zayit is saying these days... "Christmas is coming to Zayit's house."  It's so cute.  He thinks that Christmas is an actual person and in a couple weeks someone will show up on our doorstep named Christmas.  It's so hard to explain to him that it's just a day and not a person.  Too cute.  

There are so many fun festivities to be had this time of year.  We have double the fun right now - Chanukah starts tomorrow!  We've made foam menorahs, practiced our dreidel spinning and made Chanukah cookies (see our previous post.)  

This weekend is our "decorate the house" weekend and I thought it best that I have some decorations for the Littles to play with.  I had seen a similar idea to our felt Christmas tree on Pinterest and I decided this was a must-do/must-have.  So far, it's been a hit.

Zayit can decorate and redecorate the tree over and over.  There are ornaments with letters on them, some plain and some with squiggly lines.  This was so simple to make.  I bough a yard of green felt and cut a giant triangle.  The star, ornaments and presents are cut up from felt squares and I used a glue gun to attach everything.  I stuck some wrapping bows onto the presents to add some dimension.  The snowman is also felt with pom pom buttons.  

I had initially thought this would be a great way to count down to Christmas by adding a new ornament each day, but I quickly realized that it would get much more play if I made a bunch of ornaments and left them out for open play.  So far so good!  

I'm hoping that I will have enough time to do a giant felt menorah tonight!  Wish me luck and enjoy your holidays.

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