Friday, January 4, 2013

Indoor Snow Play

It's been just under a month since I posted.  I took some time off of blogging to get caught up at work, enjoy the holidays, and most importantly, put my camera down and play with my Littles.  I enjoyed the hectic holidays and all the festivities and loved the quality time I had to do all sorts of crafts and adventures.  But I've missed being here.  Time to get back to blogging!

We recently had a pretty good snow storm - got about a foot in our yard.  Zayit LOVES the snow this year.  He is actually excited to put all his gear on.  The process of getting both he and I geared up for snow play takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and is so worth it.  I've mastered getting the gloves, snow bibs, boots, hat and jacket on Dude so that he stays completely dry and warm even after being out there for 2 hours of hard core snow play.  Sometimes, it is just too cold to go out, or Ziva isn't in the mood to get all bundled up, so what are we to do?  I have a 3 year old boy who is chomping at the bit to play in the snow and an 11 month old girl who is enjoying pulling her socks off and playing with her toes.  Hmmm.  Bring the snow inside!  Yes, I know.  Crazy and messy.  But hey... you only live once!

Zayit was SO excited to see the set up.  He said "ooooh, cool!  This is good!"  I used an under-the-bed plastic storage box and filled it with fresh snow, a couple of cups of colored water (I used food coloring so it was edible), a bunch of paint brushes and some plastic ice cream cones.  Zayit had a blast.

The set up...

Checking out the goods...

Tasting the snow...


Since we were having so much fun bringing the snow in, we decided to keep up the fun and have a pizza picnic in the playroom.  We had never done an indoor picnic before so this was very cool.  I see many more impromptu playroom picnics in our future!


  1. So clever. Enjoy the snow without all the layers and runny noses. :) We're still waiting for our first snow, but this will be on our to-do list. Would love it you wanted to share at my Winter Bucket List link-up:

    (If you blog about your indoor picnic, you'll have to share that one that idea!0

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    Holli @ Full Hands, Full Hearts

    1. Holli... Thanks! I shared on your Winter Bucket List! And thanks for the link... found a couple great ideas to keep my Littles busy!

  2. It is posts like these that *almost* make me wish I lived where there was snow. :-) Glad your little one had fun with this activity. I'm visiting from the Show and Share Saturday Link Up.

    1. Katie... I hear you! I grew up in southern California. Sometimes I miss wearing shorts and flipflops year round. I'm sure you must visit snow at some point - have fun when you do! Thanks for stopping by.