Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Adventure-Filled Sunday

Every night I think of blogging.  I want to do it, but get side tracked.  Today was such a fun day for us, that I felt I needed to document it.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but I will want to remember today because of how it ended (among other things):

As we were walking up the stairs singing our "end of the day" song, Zayit turned to me and said "we had a lot of fun adventures today Mommi."  Wow... what a compliment!  My little 3 year old had a fun day and he was thanking me for it!  So much better than the tantrums we have been having as of late.

Now that the weather is warming up, it is so much easier to go outdoors.  Zayit's day started with a trip to the grocery store with Daddy.  I'm not really sure why, but he LOVES going to the grocery store.  Sometimes I will try and use it as an educational adventure - identifying different foods - but when he goes with Daddy, I have no idea what happens.  Today I got the report on the potty at the grocery store.  (ew!)  While the boys went grocery shopping, Ziva and I went outside to play ball and for a walk.  The kids across the street were having an impromptu egg hunt so we joined in.

Puggsley joined us in a game of ball
After our one-on-one time, I packed up both Littles and we headed to a new park/playground with 2 other neighborhood families.  We fed ducks, played on the jungle gym, swings and in the sandpit and came home exhausted and dirty.

Feeding the ducks
Sand pit!!!
 After a brief nap, back outside.  We invited the neighborhood kids over for a BBQ and then ended our day with a promised family ice cream outing.

I guess all it takes is some friends, dirt, water, food and ice cream to make a toddler happy!

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