Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Painting Experience

I haven't posted in a long time... 3 months in fact.  I've been busy enjoying my time with Zayit and Ziva.  I thought I should probably get back to writing about my Littles since I really don't keep any other sort of recording of events for them.  We have had such a wonderful summer filled with all sorts of activities: farm visits, the zoo, painting, water play, playing with oatmeal, berry picking, finding interest in bugs/insects... the list goes on.

A couple months ago, I thought it was time to introduce Ziva to painting.  I've been afraid to let her paint because she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!  Anything we do has to be safe for her, which makes things a bit challenging at times.  I had to get creative with this one because I don't know of any edible paint out there (we did finger painting a while back, but I wanted something she could use a brush with this time).  Condensed milk to the rescue!  I used some food coloring to color the condensed milk and an ice cube tray as our palette.  We took our goodies and headed outside... this was NOT going to happen in my house!

Zayit and Ziva had a blast with their paint.  Zayit thought it was cool that he could lick his fingers if they got dirty.  Ziva's attention span was roughly 5 minutes - which was impressive for her.  When she was done, she was done.  She picked up her tray of paint and headed in the other direction, sticky mess and all!

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