Friday, August 29, 2014

Pow! Bam! Whamo! Superman!!!

Zayit has been begging to paint his room.  He has been very specific in his request: he wants a "Pow! Bam! Whamo! Superman" room.  I've been trying to ignore his requests thinking he would just forget.  Its always amazing to me how a 4 year old can remember things... when he wants to.  Being in a rental makes it a bit difficult to feel at home.  All our walls are blah.  We don't have any decorations up and most anything that makes our home feel like a home is in a box our garage.  He has asked so many times, that finally I caved.  I called our landlord and got permission to paint his room.

It took a couple of weekends, but he is THRILLED with the end result...

And now Ziva wants hers done...

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