Thursday, September 6, 2012

...And, He's Off!

My little dude is growing up!  Today was his first day of preschool.  Bittersweet.  I'm excited that he is getting bigger and maturing, but sad because I feel like he will be leaving for college before I blink an eye!  He was very excited to go, all up until Mommi and Daddy walked out of the room... then came the tears  :(

I had made him a little photo book of his school.  A couple weeks ago, he and I went for a short visit and I snapped some pics of his school and different areas of his classroom.  It wasn't completely set up yet, but the stations were there.  I printed up the pictures and laminated them and then put them together with a binder ring.  We took this little book with us on vacation last week and he loved looking at the pictures and talking all about his school.  There was even a picture of the potty (important for a little dude who is recently potty trained!)  When we got there this morning, he walked right in and made himself at home.  He had been talking about a child sized washer and dryer that they had all week, and that was the first thing he went to!  So cute.

I also gave him a little felt heart to keep in his pocket to remember that his Mommi and Daddy love him very much and will be back soon to pick him up.  He liked the idea of having something in his pocket (and loved that it was a rainbow! - huge fascination right now), but I'm not sure he understood the idea behind it.  I reminded him it was there before I left.  I'm thinking I'll let the teachers know next week that he has it so they can remind him as well if he starts to feel sad.  I've contemplated cutting up one of his blankies (we have a spare!) into a smaller size so he can keep a piece of that in his pocket... hmmm..

We did a little photo shoot before leaving for school.  He loves being the subject of Mommi's camera and gave me all sorts of cute smiles and poses.

I hope everyone else had a great first day of school this year!

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