Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Great Outdoors

I sometimes find it frustrating that we spend so much time indoors and being busy.  I think that many kids these days miss out on playing in the woods and learning about the world around them.  Too often, parents will turn to some sort of 'screen' to occupy their children so they can get things done.  I admit to being guilty of this at times, especially in the evening so that Daddy and I can have a few minutes to eat our dinner (I would love to do dinners together, but during the week, the Littles eat about an hour before Daddy gets home from work.)  It's always refreshing when we get outside, and recently we had the opportunity to go on a little hike through the woods to an amazing waterfall.  Zayit had such a fun time and it was awesome to watch him bond with Daddy.  

The water was quite chilly, but that didn't prevent Zayit from getting right in and having a taste!

We did a little walking on the rocks and getting our feet wet.  Zayit spent a good half an hour hunting for good rocks to throw back into the water.

It was an afternoon well spent and enjoyed by all.  I think someone was a little tired on the way home :)

Go outside and play with your kids this weekend!  I promise you... you will enjoy it.  

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