Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Surprise

Today was a very long day at work for me.  I was up all night with Ziva and her lovely GI bug that she somehow caught.  (Poor thing - I feel like she is always sick with something.  She's only a year old and she's already had RSV, Roseola and now this lovely GI illness.  She's had more doctor visits than Zayit has in his 3 years, including an ER visit.  I guess that's part of being the second child.)

On a happy note, I came home to a lovely Valentine surprise!  Our nanny is the best.  She took it upon herself to create a very thoughtful Valentine with the kids.  Grammi was there to help too.  Let me start by saying that our nanny is not a baker.  She doesn't cook.  She prefers your standard American/kid diet.  She has been watching us over the last couple of months, learning about and trying all sorts of new foods.  She even admits to liking red peppers now!  But check this out...

Conversation Heart Cakes!  And she MADE THEM FROM SCRATCH!!!  No box mix here.  I was so impressed.  She dug right in to my box of goodies, used food coloring, cookie cutters and all sorts of other fun stuff.  And I love the little popsicle stick plaque in the background with puzzle pieces glued onto a heart.  It says "We love you to pieces."  How stinkin cute!  

Thank you Marissa!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  

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