Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun Summer Weekend

So, I took a day off from my 'picture a day' concept.  We had such a busy and fun weekend, I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.  Both Littles are now tucked in nice and tight for the night.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but I'll just have to keep the memories in my mind.  We had friends over, played in the water, painted, made another batch of rainbow rice for a friend (impromptu activity to help calm a nipshin in full swing - shaking the glass jars was very therapeutic for the little dude!), went to a splash park, visited the neighbors... and mommi and daddy even found time to socialize!  Here's to another Monday... this week is all about the letter "C".  Caterpillars, cats, cakes, cars... lots of fun stuff to do!  


Enjoying a juice box while at the splash park

Playing with Sophie
For those of you not familiar with "nipshins"... When Oliver first starting having temper tantrums or melt-downs, we asked if he was having a conniption fit and he responded with "yes, nipshin."  The term has stuck and we now refer to melt-downs as "nipshins."

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