Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Click! Clack!

I love finding different manipulatives to use and blocks are one of my favorites.  I came across these magnetic wooden Tegu Blocks on Amazon and had to have them.  I find them to be addicting - if I see them I have to try and build something with them.  Oliver is always hesitant to play with a new toy and it usually takes a couple of attempts to get him to really enjoy something, but these were a hit the first time!  He had fun making them go 'click' and was trying to figure out the polarization aspect of magnetism.  It will be a long time before he understands that concept, but fun to play and learn!  

"Mommi... a '7'!"  (his version of the number 7... love the imagination)

We proceeded to build letters as well.  Here he is busy forming an 'M'.  He just loves his ABC's!

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