Sunday, July 15, 2012

Letter of the Week - D

So far, the "letter of the week" idea is working out.  Our best week was "C", mainly due to my degree of focus and attention.  This week we worked on "D."  I tried to incorporate "D" words into our daily life, we practiced our writing (Zayit is a long way from being able to write letters on his own... I'm hoping to pick up some sandpaper letters in the next week or two), learned about dinosaurs and concocted a duck out of a paper plate.  We did our usual with our Do-A-Dot markers and Power Magnets.  I got some printables from here and here.  

Making Learning Fun has printables that you can use these wooden shapes with.  I chose to use the lower case letters for something different.  We also printed off a "D is for dog" coloring sheet from Making Learning Fun.  This was the first time Zayit colored somewhat within the lines!  So exciting!

And of course, what is a week without a craft?  Zayit's Duck

Upcoming blogs this week: the Bronx Zoo, how I keep my toddler entertained on a long car ride and making super-bouncy balls!

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