Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amazing Magnetism

This morning I needed something quick and entertaining to keep Zayit occupied for a bit while I fed Ziva.  Ziva is going through a crazy growth spurt right now and is eating a ridiculous amount of food!  I rummaged through my box of goodies and pulled out a baggie of magnets.  I got this inexpensive magnet set at a local toy shop as one of those impulsive "oh, that looks like fun" buys as I was paying for my main purchase.  Zayit showed absolutely no interest in it at the time, so I put it away for later.  Today was "later."  And he LOVED it!  Score Mommi!  

"I did it!  Fantastic!"

Deep in serious thought...

This activity gave me exactly what I needed... 15 minutes to feed Ziva.  He had a great time playing and showed curiosity in how the magnets worked.  Towards the end he was trying to move the paperclips with the magnets without actually touching them together.  The polarity was fascinating for him.  He also had fun being a typical toddler and launching the paperclips onto the floor as he tested out the strength of the magnets.  Speaking of the strength of these magnets - they are pretty pathetic.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this set, but it was a great set to spark curiosity.  I've now put a much nicer set from Learning Resources on his Amazon Wish List.

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