Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter of the Week - C

We have had a very busy week... 2 birthday parties, a BBQ, lots of activities.  In between all the excitement, we still found time to focus on the letter 'C' this week.  We had all sorts of fun finding things that started with C, did a couple of crafts, and practiced writing our C's.  We had printables for our power magnets and our Do-A-Dot markers from here and here.  

One of our crafts involved painting, color mixing and glue.  Zayit just loves glue sticks!  We use the purple kind that dry clear (although I have found if you use too much, it dries dirty.)  Below you can see our art.  We learned that if you start with yellow and red paint, you can get an orange carrot!  

 And of course, we had to make some sort of caterpillar, since The Hungry Caterpillar is one of our favorite books, not to mention, it involved more glue stick!

 Since Zayit is so young, some of these crafts are hard for him to do on his own, so I usually do one of my own side by side with him.  He gets to make his, and he can make it how ever he wishes, but most of the time he follows my lead.

If you notice, I have decided to go with Zayit and Ziva from now on.  I'm excited that my blog is getting hits from all over the world.  This might turn into something exciting!

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