Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bird Feeders

Over the weekend I got a crazy idea to invite the birds into our yard to nibble.  Zayit loves the birds when they fly through the yard, so I thought it would be fun to catch them enjoying a snack.

I picked up a bag of birdseed while out and about and kept it sitting on the counter for a couple of days until the perfect moment... just when a nipshin was sure to happen, Mommi whips out a new activity!  I grabbed a couple toilet paper rolls (amazing what you can do with these things), pipe cleaners, peanut butter and birdseed.

Zayit climbed up into his Learning Tower (if you don't have one of these, you NEED to get one!) and was excited to make another 'recipe'.  Peanut butter is a new sensory experience for him - sticky and gooey.  He learned to scoop it out of the jar, smear it and tried his hardest not to get any on him.  So funny that he wouldn't lick his fingers!  After the tubes were coated in peanut butter, we rolled them in bird seed.  I had attached the pipe cleaners before we got started by poking holes in the sides.

We took our bird feeders outside and waited... and waited... and waited.  Daddy suggested we hang them in the apple trees in our median of our street instead of our yard so we had less mess to clean up.  Such a smart daddy.  We sat on our porch for quite a long time, but no birds came.  I'm sure it was just the wrong time of day.

So, after a couple of days of continued checking, the feeders are still there.  Zayit is cute - every time we are outside, he points them out and sits on the porch and waits for a few minutes to see if birds will come.  There is a bird nest in this same tree and it also looks untouched recently.  I think we may have missed the boat! To be honest, I haven't seen any birds at all the last couple of days.  Maybe they have already left for the winter?

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