Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Fun

Today was the perfect summer day... not too hot, not too cold, lots of fun times.  We spent the day with the neighborhood kids doing all sorts of fun stuff.  We tie dyed shirts, played IN shaving cream, splashed in a pool, made a craft with these cool foam noodle things, ate lunch, napped and then started all over with backyard play, rockets, BBQ and of course... the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!

Play with foam noodle things.  Zayit sporting his foam noodle bracelet.

 Got the shirt all tied up with rubber bands.  Now to squirt!

 Shaving cream in the pool.  At first, Zayit wasn't too sure about it

After a few minutes, he warmed up to the idea and the fun began!

Into the pool with water for a good rinse...

There aren't any pics of nappy or dinner, but here we are all waiting for the ice cream truck to come up the street...

Enjoying a little left over corn and juice box while the truck makes it's rounds through the neighborhood...

Ziva hanging in the stroller wondering why everyone else gets to run around and have fun.

She got unhappy in the stroller, so off to the grass she went.  She loved playing with the grass.  I think this was the first time I put her directly on the grass without some sort of blanket/towel beneath her.

And now that the clean up is done, the Littles sleep... aaaahhhhh!  This Mommi is exhausted!  Fun times.

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