Saturday, October 13, 2012

Colored Bath Time

We recently got little tablets that color the bath water.  We've been having a ton of fun every night at bath time.  Zayit gets to pick 2 colors and we watch to see what happens when they mix.  Something about colored water makes bath time much more fun!  The tablets come in red, blue and yellow, allowing us to learn about color mixing while having fun.  As they dissolve, they bubble up a little, which adds to the sensory fun!  

Red and blue...

Just blue night...  notice the added bath pillow to add to the relaxation... (when does Mommi get to use it???)

Yellow and red make orange!

Tomorrow's blog post will be more about color mixing with water!


  1. Fun. I bought these for my daughter when she was 2 and she loved them!

    1. They really are awesome! We are about to order our second container and we are giving them as gifts for birthdays!


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