Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going On A Leaf Hunt... Again

The fall season is wonderfully beautiful here in the northeast.  The leaves were in full bloom last week and they began to fall all over.  Our yard is covered in leaves, which is awesome and sad all at the same time.  By this time next week, the trees will be bare and winter will be quickly approaching.

I thought it would be fun to take full advantage of the changing seasons and we went on a leaf hunt... again.  We did this last week also and had a wonderful time picking out "beautiful" leaves that we later painted (see our previous post on leaf painting.)  While Ziva slept, Zayit and I ventured out to play.  We found a huge area of fallen leaves and Zayit had such a fun time throwing them in the air, kicking them up and laying in them.

We later went for a walk on a lovely nature trail around a reservoir and found some more colorful leaves.  If you notice in one of the pics below, Zayit's boy qualities are in full force.  He walked himself right into the reservoir and stood there for a good 10 minutes.  This was after he picked up a handful of doggie poop while walking the trail.  Oh, how I love the curiosity!

I wasn't sure what we would do with our new leaf loot until I spotted the good old Elmer's school glue. We've never actually played with this in our house.  We always use glue sticks.  We had a good time.  Both Zayit and I made our own trees with "real" leaves!  Another quick and easy craft!

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  1. Great idea. My boys would have fun with this. Thanks for sharing today,FSPDT


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