Sunday, October 21, 2012

Play With Your Food!

I love Pinterest.  It sucks up more time than I care to admit.  But there are some phenomenal ideas on there!  One of the fun things that I keep seeing are cool ways to present food and meals.  I always look at the pictures and think "who has time to do that?"  But you know what... it doesn't take any more time to prepare fun food than it does boring food!  Ok, well, maybe an extra minute, but that really isn't much.  Here are some pictures of the fun food that has been in our house lately.  My plan is to continue with the fun food and I will post random pictures as they come.  I don't do this at every meal, but I try to be creative at least once a day.  And be careful if you start... it can become addicting!

Since I started doing this, our very picky eater has been a little more open to trying new things.  The utensils that you use help a lot - we have all sorts of different types of food picks: swords, hearts, toothpicks, etc.  The pictures below are a combo of snacks and meals, and even a Mommi meal at the end!

Grilled cheese, carrot hair, red pepper smile, cheese nose, candy eyes

"peapods" aka sugar snap peas, peach slices and hot dog/cheese "sticks"

red pepper flower, cheese center and leaves, grilled cheese stem, carrot grass

cheese sandwich, carrot stick hair, raisin nose, pepper smile, candy eyes

"dinosaur bread", cheese flowers, pea "grass," cantaloupe, yogurt, grape

"dinosaur bread," cheese and bread "flowers"

"orange lunch" (it was orange day at school): carrots, cantaloupe, yogurt in orange bowl and goldfish

pizza star, cucumber stars, yogurt and raspberries

carrot and cucumber animals and letters

Zayit helping make his snack

Jack-O-Lantern sandwich with cheese face, grapes, yogurt

Mommi's work lunch!  Grapes, clementines, red peppers, hummus, carrots and chicken salad

One of the many products we use:


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    1. Kendall... thanks so much! Maybe I'll see something similar on your blog in the future??? I'm sure your cuties would love it! BTW - They are cuties! I just scrolled through some of your blog posts from the last couple days and we just did the same trees/leaves project the other day! Ours look different, but same thinking. Such fun!

  2. Tammi! Your lunches are adorable! And it's extra wonderful that your son is creatively preparing his food alongside you :) Thanks for the swell post!

    1. Kelly... Thanks for the Pin! Love it. Zayit loves to participate in the kitchen and I think it's so fun to have him right there by my side. He takes ownership of his food and enjoys it that much more. Thanks for your fabulous lunch boxes!


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