Friday, October 26, 2012

Squirrel Food

The squirrels are EVERYWHERE lately!  Zayit and Ziva both love watching them run around and play in the yard.  I thought it would be fun to attract them to one spot so the Littles could observe them. Of course, that spot was on the other side of the street... no need to bring them into our yard!  We had an impromptu picnic of sorts on the sidewalk in front of our house.  I brought out crackers, peanut butter and bird seed (left over from our bird feeder creations.)

One of the cool and unexpected outcomes of making squirrel food was that Zayit actually ate peanut butter!  I've been trying to get him to eat peanut butter for a LONG time.  Who has a kid that doesn't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?  Me!  I'm so excited that he broke through that barrier.  I even pushed it tonight and threw a few squares of a peanut butter sandwich onto his dinner plate... and HE ATE THEM!!!  YIPPEE!!  Thank you squirrels!

Ziva had her first cracker too.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think I have one picky eater and one who will eat anything!  They are 27 months apart and 7 pounds apart.  Hmmm.

After we spread the peanut butter on the crackers, it was time to sprinkle the bird seed on top.

We headed out to the island across the street and found a good spot under a tree to leave the yummy goodies.

The finished product...

Zayit pointing to where the stash is left and waiting for the squirrels to come and dig in.  After about an hour, we were able to go back outside and see a couple squirrels enjoying their find.  

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