Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun With Colored Water

Today we took our colored water to the kitchen.  Zayit was excited to see the set up.  We had 3 cups of colored water... yellow, red and blue.  Each had a dropper in it and he had a couple of empty palettes to do some experimenting with color mixing.  

This activity was fun and educational on so many levels.  He was excited to play with colored water and make a mess and I knew, the entire time, he was learning.  He learned about primary colors and color mixing, worked on his fine motor skills using the pipettes and showed his maturity by keeping the water where it belonged and making very little mess!  He spent much longer than I anticipated playing with the colors... probably about 45 minutes!  That is a REALLY long time for an almost-three-year-old.

Up into his Learning Tower he climbed and within seconds, he was pipetting away.  Even Grammi got involved with this one.  They had such a good time playing together.

We did another activity with the water, but as it turns out, I think Zayit was a little too young to really enjoy it.  It took much longer (I let it sit overnight) and wasn't nearly as fun... more interesting.  You can see below.

Cooler for Mommi than for the Littles  :)

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